The laboratory swine



The laboratory swine

Peter J. A. Bollen, Axel K. Hansen, Helle J. Rasmussen ; editor in chief, Mark A. Suckow

(The Laboratory animal pocket reference series)

CRC Press, c2000

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Includes bibliography and index



With their representation in research on the rise because of refinement in animal experimentation, swine, and miniature swine in particular, are viewed as an alternative non-rodent species to commonly used non-rodent species, such as dogs and primates. Written to provide a complete source of information on the species, this handy guide addresses the biology, husbandry, management, veterinary care and research application of the laboratory swine. The Laboratory Swine, a volume in the Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference Series, is divided into six parts: Part I, Important Biological Features, examines everything from different breeds and behavior, to anatomical and physiological features, as well as digestive, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. Husbandry, Part II, addresses housing, nutrition, sanitation, transportation, and more. Management and Quality Assurance looks at the impact of infections on animal research using swine; zoonotic diseases; legal regulations; genetic monitoring and more. Part IV, Veterinary Care, covers a variety of topics, such as clinical examination of swine, diseases of swine, pain recognition in swine, and post-operative management. Restraint, sampling techniques, basic surgical procedures, and other issues are addressed in Experimental Techniques. And Resources, Part VI, provides extensive references, including as handbooks, journals and Internet sites, for further study. Ideal for animal caretakers, technicians, investigators, and laboratory animal veterinarians, The Laboratory Swine is a single source reference that contributes to the humane care and use of swine in research.


Important Biological Features Breeds The Landrace The Yorkshire or Large White The Duroc The Hampshire The Pietrain Other Breeds Hybrid Breeds Miniature Breeds The Vietnamese Potbelly Pig Nomenclature Behavior Anatomical and Physiological Features Integument and Skeleton Digestive System Abdominal Organs Cardiovascular System Pulmonary System Lymphatic and Endocrine System Normative Values Husbandry Housing Environmental Conditions Environmental Enrichment Nutrition Nutrient Requirements Feeding Levels Sanitation Transportation Record Keeping Management and Quality Assurance Microbiological Management and Quality Impact of Infections on Animal Research Using Swine Zoonotic Diseases Legal Regulations Precautions to Prevent Infections Common Findings in Health Monitoring Genetic Monitoring Accreditation AAALAS International ISO 9000 Other Organizations Veterinary Care Clinical Examination of Swine Microbiological Sampling Diseases of Swine Therapeutic Treatment Pathological Examination Anesthesia and Analgesia Reactions of Swine to Sedation and Anesthesia Routes of Administration of Sedatives and Anesthetics Preanesthetic Management Premedication Anesthetic Induction Endotracheal Intubation General Anesthesia Drugs Used in Swine Anesthesia Analgesia Pain Control Pain Recognition in Swine Drugs Used in Swine Analgesia Monitoring during Anesthesia Anesthetic Support Anesthetic Emergencies Malignant Hyperthermia/Porcine Stress Syndrome Post-operative Management Euthanasia Experimental Techniques Restraint Sampling Techniques Administration of Compounds Basic Surgical Procedures Catheterization Catheter Maintenance Laparotomy Safety Testing of Chemicals and Drugs Necropsy Resources Associations Books Journals Internet Resources Swine, Diet and Equipment

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