Nuts, bolts & magnetrons : a practical for industrial marketers


    • Millier, Paul
    • Palmer, Roger


Nuts, bolts & magnetrons : a practical for industrial marketers

Paul Millier and Roger Palmer

John Wiley, 2000

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Industrial or business-to-business marketing places very specific demands on those responsible for it. Yet all too often the strengths of these managers are technical, founded on expertise and product knowledge. There is seldom any formal understanding of marketing principles and the business benefits they can bring. In such conditions perspectives are narrowed, opportunities are missed, and marketing remains a functional support activity rather than a strategic resource. Building on a basis of recent Cranfield research and their own extensive work with experienced practising managers, Paul Millier and Roger Palmer have devised the perfect solution. A complete reference and toolkit for managers in the field, Nuts, Bolts and Magnetrons showcases a wealth of examples from European industry, and provides the information and guidance industrial marketers need to develop and prosper. Readers will learn how to be not only functionally efficient, but also effective, by managing relationships within and outside the firm. If you are involved in industrial marketing then you must be properly equipped. Blending insight, information, and inspiration in equal measure, this book offers all you need for success - the Nuts, Bolts and Magnetrons of modern marketing.


Acknowledgements The book's route maps Part I You and This Book 1 You and this book Part II Finding Your way through the Company 2 Your job outline 3 Your position within the company Part III Finding your way through Marketing 4 What is marketing? 5 Principles of industrial marketing 6 Technology and marketing Part IV Your Working Skills 7 Effectiveness and efficiency 8 Interpersonal skills 9 Presentation skills 10 Problem definition and decision-making 11 Time management Part V Industrial Marketing in Practice 12 Setting a marketing strategy 13 Planning marketing action 14 The product offering 15 The product 16 Valuing the product 17 Dealing with clients 18 Dealing with partners Part VI Dealing With Your Internal Environment 19 Selling and marketing within the company 20 Dealing with sales 21 Working with technicians 22 Co-ordination with other departments Part VII The Marketing Expert's Toolbox 23 Marketing research and marketing information 24 Marketing segmentation 25 Technical analysis in marketing 26 Marketing analysis 27 Diagnosing the marketing situation 28 Marketing planning templates Bibliography Index

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