Books and reading in the lives of notable Americans : a biographical sourcebook


    • McCrossan, John Anthony


Books and reading in the lives of notable Americans : a biographical sourcebook

John A. McCrossan

Greenwood Press, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Books and reading have contributed to the success of generations of Americans, many of whom have had distinguished careers and have left their mark on history. While the accomplishments of these notable Americans are well known, their adventures with books and reading are less familiar. Some have struggled to gain access to books, while others were fortunate enough to be exposed to literature at an early age. This reference surveys the role books and reading have played in the lives of notable Americans from colonial times to the present. Included are alphabetically arranged entries for 50 notable Americans from a range of historical periods, professions, and racial and ethnic backgrounds. Many are featured prominently in school and college texts, while others are a significant part of popular culture. Such diverse figures as Benjamin Franklin, Helen Keller, Willa Cather, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mark Twain, Oprah Winfrey, and Ronald Reagan are covered. Each entry includes a discussion of books and reading in the person's life, a chronology, and a brief bibliography.


Introduction Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jane Addams Arthur Ashe, Jr. James Baldwin Clara Barton Humphrey Bogart Andrew Carnegie Rachel Carson Willa Cather Cesar Chavez Shirley Chisholm Sandra Cisneros Eugene V. Debs Cecil B. DeMille Frederick Douglass Bob Dylan Thomas A. Edison Albert Einstein Benjamin Franklin Bill Gates Robert Goddard Helen Hayes Zora Neale Hurston Thomas Jefferson Helen Keller John F. Kennedy Martin Luther King, Jr. Stephen King Robert E. Lee Douglas MacArthur Madonna Horace Mann Marilyn Monroe Martina Navratilova Georgia O'Keeffe Frances Perkins Jeannette Rankin Ronald Reagan Eleanor Roosevelt Beverly Sills Steven Spielberg Elizabeth Cady Stanton Harriet Beecher Stowe Harry S. Truman Gene Tunney Mark Twain John Wanamaker George Washington Emma Willard Oprah Winfrey

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