Hadrian and the cities of the Roman empire


Hadrian and the cities of the Roman empire

Mary T. Boatwright

Princeton University Press, c2000

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Cities throughout the Roman Empire flourished during the reign of Hadrian (AD 117-138), a phenomenon that not only strengthened and legitimized Roman dominion over its possessions but also revealed Hadrian as a masterful negotiator of power relationships. In this comprehensive investigation into the vibrant urban life that existed under Hadrian's rule, Mary T. Boatwright focuses on the emperor's direct interactions with Rome's cities, exploring the many benefactions for which he was celebrated on coins and in literary works and inscriptions. Although such evidence is often as imprecise as it is laudatory, its collective analysis, undertaken for the first time together with all other related material, reveals that over 130 cities received at least one benefaction directly from Hadrian. The benefactions, mediated by members of the empire's municipal elite, touched all aspects of urban life; they included imperial patronage of temples and hero tombs, engineering projects, promotion of athletic and cultural competitions, settlement of boundary disputes, and remission of taxes. Even as he manifested imperial benevolence, Hadrian reaffirmed the self-sufficiency and traditions of cities f


List of Illustrations and Tables ix Acknowledgments xi List ofAbbreviations XV Chapter 1 Roman Cities and Roman Power: The Roman Empire and Hadrian 3 Chapter 2 The Sources 18 Chapter 3 Changes of City Status and Their Impact on City Life 36 Appendix to Chapter 3: Aulus Gellius, Noctes Atticae 16.13.1-9 (de Italicensibus) 55 Chapter 4 Changes Affecting Cities' Daily Governance and Economy 57 Chapter 5 Civic Benefactions with Extramural Effects 83 Chapter 6 Engineering and Architectural Donations 108 Chapter 7 Athens, Smyrna, and Italica 144 Appendix to Chapter 7: Other Structures in Athens Associated with Hadrian 167 Chapter 8 City Foundations, New and Renewed 172 Chapter 9 Hadrian's Civic Benefactions and the Roman Empire 204 Bibliography 211 Index 233

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