Advances in personality psychology



Advances in personality psychology

edited by Sarah E. Hampson

Psychology Press, 2000-

  • v. 1
  • v. 2

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v. 2 editor: Andrzej Eliasz, Sarah E. Hampson and Boele de Raad

Includes bibliographical references and index



v. 1 ISBN 9780415227681


In the first volume of this new series, Sarah E. Hampson brings together a unique collection of critical reviews of key areas of personality psychology and integrative accounts of important work by internationally recognised experts in the field. Advances in Personality Psychology includes chapters on cross-cultural evidence for the Big-Five framework for personality description, type and trait approaches to understanding childhood personality, developments in psychometrics, the relationship between hostility and cardiovascular disease, and the connections between personality and emotions. In further chapters the view that personality cannot change in adulthood is challenged and the importance of environmental factors is revealed by an observational study of twins. This state-of-the-art volume will provide students, teachers and researchers of contemporary personality psychology with a highly valuable resource on recent developments in this area.

v. 2 ISBN 9781841695464


The second volume in the Advances in Personality Psychology series, this book presents an authoritative collection of works by leading experts in the field. It focuses on three of the major issues in personality psychology: personality, affect and arousal; personality and intelligence; and personality structure. The first part of the book seeks to analyse cognitive biases dependent on anxiety and the biological foundations of thought and action. It also looks at the influence of temperamental traits on reaction to traumatic events. In the second part, contributions consider the mutual relations between personality and intelligence, the similarities and differences between personality and intelligence, and the cognitive mechanisms of human intelligence and personality. The final part analyses personality structure across cultures and presents a model of personality relevant to situational descriptions. All the authors are experienced and renowned experts in the field of personality psychology. The volume incorporates critical reviews, bringing the reader up-to-date with key issues, and unique data from contemporary empirical research projects, reflecting the diversity and vigour of current work on personality psychology.


A. Eliasz, S.E. Hampson, B. de Raad, Editors Preface. M. W. Eysenck, Cognitive Approaches to Trait Anxiety. J. Strealau, B. Zawadzki, The Functional Significance of Temperament Empirically Tested: Data Based on Hypotheses Derived from the Regulative Theory of Temperament. J. Hettama, Personality and Information Processing: Biological Foundations of Thought and Action. B. Szymura, E. Necka, Three Superfactors of Personality and Three Aspects of Attention. P.L. Ackerman, Personality, Trait Complexes, and Adult Intelligence. N. Brody, Phenotypes and Genotypes of Personality and Intelligence: Similarities and Differences. Timothy Church, Marcia S. Katigbak, Personality Structure Across Cultures: Indigenous and Cross-cultural Perspectives, B. de Raad, Situations that Matter to Personality.

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