Social justice and the welfare state in Central and Eastern Europe : the impact of privatization


Social justice and the welfare state in Central and Eastern Europe : the impact of privatization

edited by Demetrius S. Iatridis

Praeger, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references and index



With the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, Central and Eastern European states have had to confront fundamental changes in economic, social, and governmental structures. So far, many of these countries in transition from a command to a market-based system have experienced rapid deterioration of socioeconomic conditions and standards of living. Although there have been successes in some areas, such as greater political and consumer choices, the overall situation has reached crisis proportions, as evidenced by increased unemployment, crime, and family disorganization. The essays in this collection address significant issues dealing with the frameworks of social justice and equality, policies for families and women, implications for the welfare state, and the impact on health care. As such, the collection is invaluable for all scholars and researchers involved with contemporary Central and Eastern European public policy and social conditions.


Preface Social Justice Frameworks The Social Justice Contexts of Privatization by Demetrius S. Iatridis Social Justice and Equality Distributive Institutions, Markets, and Private Governance in Transitional Economies by Stavros B. Thomadakis Social Justice and Privatization by Dimitri A. Plionis and Elizabeth M. Plionis The Social Toll of Unemployment: A Call for Evaluation and Prevention by Marcia Greenberg The Effects of Privatization on Employment in Bulgaria, Romania, and Albania by Theodore Katsanevas Informal Privatization: The Changing Foundation of Socioeconomic Inequality in Bulgaria by Tanya Chavdarova Policies for Families and Women Changes in the Social Status of Bulgarian Women and Their Organizations during the Transition to a Market Economy by Zlatka Russinova Marginal Women at Risk: Working toward Economic Equity within the Context of Privatization by Robbie Tourse, Pauline Collins, and Marvella Ford The Impact of Privatization on the Female Workforce of Poland by Jacqueline Heinen Family-Related Economic and Employment Policies and Programs in Central and Eastern European Countries by Charles B. Hennon, Allen Jones, and Emily Schmenk Implications for the Welfare State The Social Costs of the Transition in Poland: 1990-1994 by Branko Milanovic The Social Consequences of the Transition in Hungary and Methods for the Early Recognition of Social Tensions by Otto Czucz The Development of Welfare Systems in Central and Eastern Europe that Are compatible with the Demands of a Market Economy by Howard Jacob Karger Reforming Social Services in Central and Eastern Europe: Mesolevel Institutional Changes and Shifts in the Welfare Mix by Victor A. Pestoff The Privatization of Crime Control and Social Discipline in Central and Eastern Europe by Jon Spencer and Bill Hebenton New Child Protection Structures in Romania by Maria Roth Impact on Health Care The Health Care System in Bulgaria during the Transition to a Market Economy by Dimitar Roussinov Conclusions by Demetrius Iatridis

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