Childhood experiences of domestic violence



Childhood experiences of domestic violence

Caroline McGee ; foreword by Hilary Saunders

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 239-244) and indexes



Based on the first-hand accounts of children and their mothers regarding their experiences of both domestic violence and support services, this is the first book to examine children's experiences of a range of service provision in response to domestic violence. It seeks to encourage a more effective and professional approach in the services that aim to support and protect children, highlighting both the strengths and the shortcomings of existing professional interventions and illustrating the range of problems that children face when they are living with domestic violence. Drawing on a unique, three-year research project into domestic violence and the support and protection of children, the book explores: * the types of violence experienced by mothers and witnessed by children * the types of abuse children are subjected to * children's understanding of domestic violence * children's and mothers' views of how best to protect children and their perception of the support services * the barriers for children and mothers to seeking help. The book assesses the role and response of the social services, police, refuge staff, solicitors and barristers, voluntary organisations and the agencies of health, education and housing. It describes approaches to existing problems, emphasising the importance of a child-focused response and concludes by recommending improvements for policy and practice.


Part 1: Literature Review and Method. 1. Introduction and Overview of Literature. Part 2: What Does it Mean to Experience Domestic Violence. 2. Forms of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. 3. Forms of Violence Witnessed by Children. Part 3: Impacts of Domestic Violence. 4. Effect of Domestic Violence on Children. 5. How Children Understand and Cope with Domestic Violence. Part 4: Agency Responses to Domestic Violence. 6. Social Services' Responses to Domestic Violence. 7. Police Responses to Domestic Violence. 8. Schools' Responses to Domestic Violence. 9. Health Professionals' Responses to Domestic Violence. 10. Refuges and Counselling Services. 11. Legal Remedies? Part 5: Overcoming the Obstacles. 12. Barriers to Seeking or Utilising Help. 13. Conclusion. 14. Recommendations. Appendix. Useful Contacts. References. Index.

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