Development and clinical progress of DNA vaccines : Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen, Germany October 6-8, 1999



Development and clinical progress of DNA vaccines : Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen, Germany October 6-8, 1999

volume editors, Fred Brown, Klaus Cichutek, James S. Robertson

(Developments in biologicals, v. 104)

Karger, c2000

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"Proceedings of a symposium organized and sponsored by the International Association for Biologicals (IABS), the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)...and the World Health Organization (WHO)"



DNA vaccines have progressed rapidly from the conceptual stage to the stage of clinical trials. While studies in small laboratory animals have shown great promise, initial reports from human studies were less encouraging. Progress is being made, however, documented by the papers presented here. This volume contains the proceedings of a meeting devoted to the latest developments in DNA vaccines, from laboratory studies to clinical trials. The papers, written by leaders in the field, focus on the current state of DNA vaccines in humans and other large animals. The bulk of the studies involve DNA vaccines against HIV/SIV. Other promising trials make use of DNA vaccines against malaria and hepatitis B. The papers inform the reader about the immune basis of this form of vaccination and about approaches being developed to increase the efficacy of DNA vaccines in humans. These include the co-administration of cytokines, prime-boost strategies, optimising codon usage or the use of CpG motifs. An excellent up-to-the-minute account, this volume should be read by anyone in academia or in industry involved in DNA vaccination. The book will also be of great interest to clinicians involved in trials and those in the regulatory area.


  • Basic principles, quality and safety assessment: applications of, and future challenges for, genetic vaccines
  • priming of CTL responses by DNA vaccines
  • direct transfection of antigen presenting cells versus cross-priming
  • modulating specific priming of immune effector functions by DNA-based vaccination strategies
  • plasmid DNA for pharmaceutical applications
  • plasmid DNA vaccines - assay for integration into host genomic DNA
  • DNA vaccines - capacity to induce auto-immunity and tolerance
  • European Union guidance on the quality, safety and efficacy of DNA vaccines and regulatory requirements
  • regulation and review of DNA vaccine products. Presentation of specific topics (1): induction of immunity using oral DNA vaccines expressing the measles virus nucleocapsid protein
  • veterinary applications of DNA vaccines
  • DNA vaccine development in larger animals
  • cytokine-induced augmentation of DNA vaccine-elicited SIV-specific immunity in rhesus monkeys
  • DNA priming and recombinant pox virus boosters for an AIDS vaccine
  • DNA vaccine protection against challenge with simian/human immunodeficiency virus 89.6 in rhesus macaques. Clinical experience: immune modulation in cancer using DNA inoculation
  • tolerability and immune responses in humans to a PowderJect(r) DNA vaccine for hepatitis B
  • can malaria DNA vaccines on their own be as immunogenic and protective as prime-boost approaches to immunization?. Presentation of specific topics (2): comparative study of DNA vaccines encoding various antigens against Leshmania mexicana
  • DNA cancer vaccination strategies target SV40 large tumour antigen in a murine experimental metastasis model. Improvement of DNA vaccine efficacy: DNA-based immunisation against rabies and rabies-related viruses - towards multivalent vaccines
  • the cellular basis of immune induction at mucosal surfaces by DNA vaccination
  • CpG motifs for optimization of DNA vaccines
  • DNA-based vaccines for malaria - a heterologous prime-boost immunisation strategy
  • alphavirus DNA and particle replicons for vaccines and gene therapy
  • engineering of DNA vaccines using molecular adjuvant plasmids.

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