Recent advances of human tumor immunology and immunotherapy



Recent advances of human tumor immunology and immunotherapy

edited by Kokichi Kikuchi, Benoit j. Van den Eynde, and Noriyuki Sato

(Gann monograph on cancer research / Japanese Cancer Association, no. 48)

Japan Scientific Societies Press, 1999

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In this monograph, knowledge about T cell defined melanoma antigens is reviewed in detail in the light of their use as target for specific immunotherapy of human cancer. The search for genes that encode T cell defined antigenic peptides of tumours other than melanoma, especially epithelial tumours, is also described. The ultimate purpose of identifying target antigenic molecules of cancer recognized by CTL is to apply these antigens for cancer immunotherapy. A variety of approaches to amplify cancer-specific immune reactions by immunomodulation is proposed by many authors. The most recent approaches for practical use of antigenic molecules as cancer vaccines and their clinical results are described and discussed.

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