Recent developments in general relativity


    • Casciaro, B.


Recent developments in general relativity

B. Casciaro ... [et al.](Eds.)

Springer, 2000

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The 13th Italian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitational Physics was held in Cala Corvino-Monopoli (Bari) from September 21to September 25, 1998. The Conference, which is held every other year in different Italian locations, has brought together, as in the earlier conferences in this series, those scientists who are interested and actively work in all aspects of general relativity, from both the mathematical and the physical points of view: from classical theories of gravitation to quantum gravity, from relativistic astrophysics and cosmology to experiments in gravitation. About 70 participants came from Departments of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Departments of Mathematics and Departments of Experimental and Theoretical Physics from all over the Country; in addition a few Italian scientists working abroad kindly accepted invitations from the Scientific Committee. The good wishes of the University and of the Politecnico di Bari were conveyed by the director of Diparti- mento Interuniversitario di Matematica, Prof. Franco Altomare. These proceedings contain the contributions of the two winners of the SIGRAV prizes, the invited talks presented at the Conference and most of the contributed talks. We thank all of our colleagues, who did their best to prepare their manuscripts. The pleasant atmosphere induced by the beauty of the place was greatlyenhanced not only by the participation of so many colleagues, who had lively discussions about science well beyond Conference hours, but also by the feeling of hospitalityextended to the participants by the staff of the Cala Corvino Hotel, where the Conference was held.


General Perspectives.- Special Relativity at Action in the Universe.- String Theory and General Relativity.- Virgo - a Laser Interferometer for Gravitational Wave Detection.- A Space Test of General Relativity.- Canonical "Loop" Quantum Gravity and Spin Foam Models.- A Possible Way to Define an Effective Cosmological Constant in Scalar-Tensor Cosmologies.- A Microscopic Approach to Nuclear Physics: from Deuteron to Neutron Stars.- Perspectives in the Research of GravitationalWaves: Omnidirectional Resonant Detectors.- The Entropy of Black Holes via Noether's Theorem.- Dual Lagrangian Theories.- The Boundary State Description of D-Branes.- The N-body Problem in Tetrad Gravity: A First Step towards a Unified Description of the Four Interactions.- Applications of Calculus of Variations to General Relativity.- The Search for Gravitational Waves with Resonant Detectors.- Cauchy-Perturbative Matching and Outer Boundary Conditions.- Branes in Anti-de Sitter Space-Time.- Black Hole Entropy.- Gravitational Wave Astronomy from Space.- Bar Mode Instability in Relativistic Rotating Stars.- Recent Results.- General Relativity and Theory of Gravitation.- Theoretical Relativity: Classical Topics.- Why is the Gravitational Mass Equal to the Inertial Mass?.- Multiplicity of Timelike Geodesics in Splitting Lorentzian Manifolds.- Gravitational Collapse of Fluid Bodies and Cosmic Censorship: Analytic Insights.- Black Holes and Solitons.- The Prolongation Problem for the Heavenly Equation.- Time Extremizing Trajectories of Massive and Massless Objects in General Relativity.- Null Geodesics Joining Two Submanifolds in Stationary Lorentzian Manifolds.- Analytic Solution of Regge-Wheeler Differential Equation for Black Hole Perturbations in Radial Coordinate and Time Domains.- Quantum Gravity.- Problems in Quantum General Relativity and Gravitation.- Problems in Quantum General Relativity and Gravitation.- Foundational Problems in Quantum Gravity.- Foundational Problems in Quantum Gravity.- Foundational Problems in Quantum Gravity.- Foundational Problems in Quantum Gravity.- A Review of Recent Results of the ? -Function Regularization Procedure in Curved Spacetime.- Solitons in Three Space Dimensions as a Model for Relativistic Particles.- Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology.- Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology.- Voids in Open Universes.- Non-Stationary Accretion onto Black Holes.- Stochastic Backgrounds of Gravitational Waves from Compact Sources.- Experimental Gravitation.- Sights of Experimental Gravity.- Mechanical Isolation of Gravitational Wave Antennae: Present and Future.- Off-Line Subtraction of Seismic Newtonian Noise.- de Broglie-like Oscillation s of Spacetime.- Testing Newton's Inverse Square Law.

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