Technology, learning, and innovation : experiences of newly industrializing economies


Technology, learning, and innovation : experiences of newly industrializing economies

edited by Linsu Kim, Richard R. Nelson

Cambridge University Press, 2000

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In this volume, published in 2000, leading scholars analyze in a series of essays and commentaries how newly industrializing countries (NICs), particularly those in East Asia, have transformed themselves from technologically backward and poor to relatively modern and affluent economies over the past thirty years. The contributors provide interesting theoretical perspectives and offer insights into the process of technological progress at both the macro and micro levels in these countries. The essays review how firms, particularly those in electronics and automobiles, have dynamically accumulated technological capabilities at the micro level, how public policies have shaped the process of technological progress at the national level, and what problems some of these countries face today at both levels. In addition, the volume provides a comparison of East Asian NIC's with their Latin American counterparts. The discussion also offers useful lessons for policies in other developing countries.


  • Part I. A Broad Prospective on Innovation in Newly Industrializing Countries: 1. Introduction: technology and industrialization Linsu Kim and Richard R. Nelson
  • 2. Technological change and industrialization in the Asian NIEs Sanjaya Lall
  • 3. Research and development in the industrial development process Howard Pack
  • Commentary Bengt-Ake Lundvall
  • Part II. How Firms Learn: 4. Firm capabilities and economic development: implications for the NIEs David Teece and Bennett Zelner
  • 5. East vs. South East Asian innovation systems Michael Hobday
  • 6. Technological learning and entries of user firms for capital goods in Korea Kung Rae Lee
  • 7. International technologies and collaboration: implications for NIEs
  • Commentary Martin Fransman
  • Part III. Innovation Policies: 8. Policies for science, technology and innovation in Asian NIEs Mark Dodgson
  • 9. The role of science and technology in Korea's industrial development Won-Young Lee
  • Commentary Morris Teubal
  • Part IV. The Dynamics of Technological Learning During the First Period, and Recent Structural Changes in the Industrial Sector of Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico Linsu Kim
  • Commentary Howard Pack.

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