Early and middle Pleistocene hominid behaviour in northern China


Early and middle Pleistocene hominid behaviour in northern China

S.G. Keates

(BAR international series, 863)

John and Erica Hedges, 2000

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Bibliography: p. 109-128



The fossil record of the Far East has been the focus of debate and confusion since the discovery of Javanese and Chinese specimen at the end of the 19th century. Both the paleontological and lithic record, as well as the sites from which these materials are recorded, are not well understood due to a variety of factors and depite their relevance for general issues in human evolution. Keates discussion offers a valuable historical and theoretical background of research relevant to hominid behaviour during the Early and Middle Pleistocene before introducing an examination from the Nihewan sites as well as Xiaochangliang and Dongguto assemblages. Keates focuses on both lithic and fossil materials. An up-to-date review of some of the most important localities (e.g. Zhoukoudian, Kehe, Gongwangling) is included. While Keates conclusions are perhaps inevitable - she calls for the integration and recording of a variety of data-sets including fauna and sediments, better quality of research and integration of it - the volume offers a detailed introduction to Far Eastern Pleistocene human evolution in addition to valuable primary reserach. Both are well presented and assessable in the context of her comprehensive review. Extending beyond the usual coverage of textbooks this volume is an essential introduction as well as research contribution to the field. 387p. 179 b/w illus (BAR 2000)

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