An empirical, theoretical, and historical overview of organized crime


    • Liddick, Don


An empirical, theoretical, and historical overview of organized crime

Donald R. Liddick

(Criminology studies, v. 6)

Edwin Mellen Press, c1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [239]-254) and index



Part 1 of this book provides a unique analysis of the public's perception of organized crime, discusses common myths, describes the most important attributes, addresses issues related to definition and provides an in-depth look at contemporary global criminal enterprises. Part 2 is a unique history of organized crime in the United States from colonial America to the present day. It includes descriptions of the principal enterprises American organized crooks operate, and stresses the evolving nature of the phenomenon and the integral part played by political and economic elites. Part 3 focuses on theoretical issues. It provides a description of the sociological foundation and the development of organized crime theories and major organized crime paradigms.


  • Organized crime - perception and reality
  • defining and classifying organized crime
  • the impact of organized crime
  • organized crime in America - 1680-1945
  • organized crime in America - 1945-1998
  • organized crime theories
  • organized crime and patron-client relations.

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