A future for the excluded : job creation and income generation by the poor : Clodomir Santos de Morais and the Organization Workshop


    • Carmen, Raff
    • Sobrado, Miguel


A future for the excluded : job creation and income generation by the poor : Clodomir Santos de Morais and the Organization Workshop

edited by Raff Carmen and Miguel Sobrado

Zed Books, c2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [218]-222) and index



Clodomir Santos de Morais is to organizational and entrepreneurial literacy what his Brazilian confrere, Paulo Freire, is to ordinary literacy. This book introduces for the first time in English the experiences of grassroots development workers who have applied his ideas of the Organization Workshop (OW) and capacitation in highly diverse social settings. One of the most exciting aspects of de Morais's methods of working with the most marginalized sectors of society is their relevance not just to Third World countries, but also to Eastern Europe's economies in transition and the most deprived areas of the industrialized countries. This highly distinctive grassroots development approach to empowering socially excluded strata in economic and organizational terms holds out the prospect of becoming a very important factor in the struggle against poverty.


Preface - Raff Carmen & Miguel Sobrado Part I: Context and History 1. Setting the Scene: 'Those who don't eat and those who don't sleep' - Raff Carmen and Miguel Sobrado 2. Clodomir Santos de Morais and the Origins of his Largescale Capacitation Theory and Method - Miguel Sobrado Part II: Theoretical Perspectives 3. The Largescale Capacitation Method and Social Participation: Theoretical Perspectives - Clodomir Santos de Morais 4. From Paulo Freire to Clodomir Santos de Morais: From Critical to Organizational Consciousness - Jacinta Castello Branco Correia Part III: The Organization Workshop in Practice 5. From Navvies to Entrepreneurs: The Organization Workshop in Costa Rica - Miguel Sobrado 6. Sacked Agricultural Workers Take on the Multinationals in Honduras - Benjamin Erazo 7. The Mexican Experience with Organization Workshops - Juan Jose Rojas Herrera 8. The Organization Workshop in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru - Miguel Sobrado 9. Three Decades of Work with OWs in Latin America: An Institutional Perspective - Leopoldo Sandoval 10. 'Doing Enterprises' in war-time and post-war Mozambique - Isabel and Ivan de Labra 11. In Angola, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe - Paulo Roberto da Silva 12. Hard Learning in Zimbabwe and in post civil-war Mozambique - Isabel and Ivan Labra 13. Organization Development (OD) and Morais's Organization Workshop (OW) - South Africa and Botswana - Gavin Andersson 14. The Potential of the the OW in former Soviet Bloc Countries and Economies in Crisis - Miguel Sobrado 15. In Post-Salazar Portugal - Isabel and Ivan Labra 16. The Crisis of Work in Post-Industrial Western Countries - Raff Carmen Part IV: From Local OWs to National Employment Generation Systems 17. The Brazilian PROGEI-SIPGEIs - Jacinta C. B. Correia 18. 'More than a Job: A Future': The PAE Self-Employment Programme in Brazil - Walter Barelli 19. The OW and Civil Society Organizations in Brazil - Jacinta C. B. Correia 20. OW's Potential: Concluding Observations - Miguel Sobrado

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