Practical nursing philosophy : the universal ethical code


Practical nursing philosophy : the universal ethical code

David Seedhouse

John Wiley & Sons, c2000

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Nursing ideals and analytical philosophy rarely overlap. As a result, existing nursing codes fail to define key terms clearly enough to enable nurses to apply them. David Seedhouse tackles this problem by looking at nine key concept, explains their meaning and shows how they can be applied in everyday situations. The result is a precise yet compassionate framework which enables nurses to reflect deeply about the importance of their work, and can suipport them as they strive to make ethically sound decisions. â Provides a practical approach to traditionally intangible health care issues â Includes an array of accessible case studies and diagrams â Offers sensible strategies for nurses to implement philisophical insights in their daily care Any nurse, or other health care worker, who has wondered how best to apply key words such as 'care', 'dignity' and 'ethics' in everyday situations will find this practical and informed clarification indispensible.


NURSING'S BIG IDEAS. Nursing Philosophy's Practical Failure. Advocacy. Care. Dignity. Holism and Separatism. HOW NURSING COULD TAKE THE MORAL LEAD IN HEALTH CARE. Research. Ethics. Mental Health. Nursing. The Universal Ethical Code. References. Index.

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