Multiple primary cancers


Multiple primary cancers

edited by Alfred I. Neugut, Eliezer Robinson, Anna T. Meadows

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1999

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The purpose of this text is to help develop a better understanding of the nature of cancer, to expand prevention strategies, and to improve diagnostic and prognostic skills centred around multiple primary cancers. Clinical studies focusing on the aetiology of multiple primary cancers, statistical data presented in tables, and discussions on various organ sites and the possible occurrence of multiple primary cancers are addressed throughout the text. The first part reviews various methodological and statistical considerations in the study, management and prevention of primary, secondary and multiple primary cancers. An entire chapter contains tables of incidence rates of various multiple primary cancers that prove helpful in subsequent chapters. Part Two discusses predisposing genetic conditions and various forms of environmental factors that are associated with multiple primary cancers. Finally, the last section review selected types of cancers and focuses on possible clinical implications for occurrences of specific multiple primary cancers.


  • Part 1 General considerations: introduction, Alfred I. Neugut et al
  • methodological and statistical considerations in the study of multiple primary cancers, Colin B. Begg
  • risk estimates for second primary cancers, Habibul Ahsan et al
  • clinical characteristics and approach in cancer management, Eliezer Robinson
  • primary and secondary prevention, David Schottenfeld. Part 2 Aetiology: second cancers following radiotherapy, Peter D. Inskip
  • chemotherapy-related second cancers, Carolyn A. Felix
  • dominant genes and phakomatoses associated with multiple primary cancers, Charis Eng and Eamonn R. Maher
  • DNA repair disorders and multiple primary cancers, D. Timothy Bishop and Richard D. Kolodner
  • common environmental risk factors, Ellen M. Velie and Arthur Schatzkin
  • molecular analysis of tumors, Joseph A. Califano and David Sidransky
  • paediatric tumors, Debra L. Friedman and Anna T. Meadows
  • leukaemia, Smita Bhatia et al
  • lymphomas, Paolo Boffetta et al
  • breast cancer, Mary B. Daly and Josephine Costalas
  • upper aerodigestive tract cancers, Xifeng Wu et al
  • gastrointestinal cancers, Alfred I. Neugut and Dafna Gold
  • gynaecologic cancers, Regina Zimmerman and Carolyn L. Westhoff
  • sarcomas, Mary Louise Keohan and Karen H. Antman
  • brain tumors, Habibul Ahsan and Karol H. Kerr
  • skin cancers, Marianne Berwick.

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