Zero time : providing instant customer value - every time, all the time


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Zero time : providing instant customer value - every time, all the time

Raymond Yeh, Keri Pearlson, George Kozmetsky

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., c2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 257-264) and index.

Description and Table of Contents


In the superfast world of the 21st century, businesses must react instantaneously. Being a zero-time company involves more than compressing time - it's about providing value for every customer at every opportunity. To achieve this, firms must be willing to restructure and compress relationships: they must take advantage of all that the digital world has to offer. To put it simply, without the Internet, you can't be in zero time. With case studies from companies like Intel, GE and Cisco, this book identifies five key disciplines companies must adopt in order to remain competitive. It aims to enable companies to do business and evolve in the 21st century, where time is the key variable driving all others.

Table of Contents

  • Crossing the Chasm.
  • The Quest.
  • Closing Value Gaps: Instant Value Alignment.
  • FedEx: An Instant Value Alignment Company.
  • Closing Learning Gaps: Instant Learning.
  • Dell Computer Corporation: An Instant Learning Company.
  • Closing Management Gaps: Instant Adaptation.
  • General Electric: An Instant Adaptation Company.
  • Closing Process Gaps: Instant Execution.
  • Progressive Insurance: An Instant Execution Company.
  • Closing Inclusion Gaps: Instant Involvement.
  • Cisco Systems' Extended Enterprise: An Instant Involvement Company.
  • It's about Time.
  • Notes.
  • Index.

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