New woman fiction : women writing first- wave feminism


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New woman fiction : women writing first- wave feminism

Ann Heilmann

Macmillan Press , St. Martin's Press, 2000

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The New Woman was the symbol of the shifting categories of gender and sexuality and epitomised the spirit of the fin de siecle . This informative monograph offers an interdisciplinary approach to the growing field of New Woman studies by exploring the relationship between first-wave feminist literature, the nineteenth-century women's movement and female consumer culture. The book expertly places the debate about femininity, feminism and fiction in its cultural and socio-historical context, examining New Woman fiction as a genre whose emerging theoretical discourse prefigured concepts central to second-wave feminist theory.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations Abbreviations Regen(d)eration Contesting/Consuming Femininities Keynotes and Discords Marriage and Its Discontents The Crisis of Gender and Sexuality The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman Departures

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