Successful corporate fund raising : effective strategies for today's nonprofits


Successful corporate fund raising : effective strategies for today's nonprofits

K. Scott Sheldon

(Nonprofit law, finance, and management series)

Wiley, c2000

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Corporate giving currently accounts for nearly 10 percent of all charitable donations nationwide, and most experts agree that the flow of corporate resources earmarked for nonprofit programs is on the rise. Yet, many fund raisers are held back from tapping this gold mine by the fear they don t know how to "play the system" correctly. When it comes to soliciting corporate funds, even old hands at private fund raising find themselves stymied by the lack of clear-cut answers to such critical questions as: "How do I find out which companies give and how do I obtain information about them?" "Who are the funding decision makers, and how do I appeal to them and cultivate relationships with them?" "What hidden strings and pitfalls should I be aware of when soliciting corporate funds?" Successful Corporate Fund Raising provides in-depth answers to these and all your questions about finding and winning corporate funds. The distillation of Scott Sheldon s more than two decades of experience as a corporate fund raiser, it provides a complete blueprint for developing and maintaining successful corporate fund-raising programs at nonprofits of all sizes. The book begins with an in-depth exploration of the world of contemporary corporate giving. It explains the key differences between private funding and the "strategic philanthropy" practiced by many corporations. It describes the various forms corporate giving most commonly takes, including cash, in-kind, and volunteerism. And it clearly spells out the motivations, perceptions, expectations, and conditions driving most corporate funding.The lion s share of the book is devoted to schooling readers in effective low-cost strategies for locating, obtaining, and managing corporate resources. Organized around the five key components of a successful corporate funding initiative, it provides step-by-step guidance on how to research corporate funders, cultivate relationships with key personnel, solicit corporate resources, evaluate the efficacy of fund-raising initiatives, and manage funded programs. It also supplies a wealth of forms, questionnaires, sample letters and proposals, checklists, and other valuable tools that can easily be adapted for use in your organization. Successful Corporate Fund Raising is an indispensable working resource for all nonprofit fund raisers, development managers, agency executives, and board members. An expert s guide to finding and winning corporate support for your nonprofit organization. This book shows fund raisers and executives at nonprofits of all sizes how to take advantage of the current corporate funding opportunities. K. Scott Sheldon provides a fresh, insider s look at contemporary corporate giving, and he develops a complete blueprint for developing a corporate fund-raising program. Step-by-step, he walks you through the entire corporate fund-raising process and: Describes proven fund-raising strategies and techniques that can be integrated into virtually any nonprofit organization Alerts you to the common pitfalls to corporate solicitation and shows you how to avoid them Explores the impact of new technologies on corporate fund raising Details solid strategies for taking advantage of resources other than cash, including in-kind donations and volunteers Illustrates key points with fascinating and instructive real-world case studies Arms you with an array of forms, checklists, sample documents, questionnaires, and other valuable tools


THE BACKGROUND. Introduction to Corporate Giving. The Philosophy of Corporate Giving. TYPES OF SUPPORT. Direct Cash Support. In-Kind Support. Corporate Volunteerism. THE PROCESS. Researching Corporate Giving Programs. Cultivation. Solicitation. Evaluation. Recognition and Stewardship. THE PEOPLE. The Decision Makers. THE STRATEGY. Creating and Implementing an Effective and Sustainable Corporate Fund-Raising Strategy. Matching Gifts: A Case Study. Issues, Trends, and Technology. Appendices. Resource Bibliography. Index.

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