Zen and the art of stickfighting


    • Kaufman, Stephen


Zen and the art of stickfighting

Stephen F. Kaufman

Contemporary Books, c2000

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An integral aspect of many martial arts styles, stickfighting is also easily adaptable for everyday selfdefense. There is no special equipment to buy -- a cane, a walking stick, or an umbrella will do. The moves are effective against single and multiple assailants and can be performed standing up or from the ground. He also explains the philosophy of being a "peaceful warrior" -- being aware of one's surroundings, having the will to survive, and attacking with a purpose.-- This book is for all individuals -- young or old, male or female -- who want to learn how to defend themselves-- Comprehensive approach unites mind and body with "active" and "passive" techniques for maximum effectiveness-- This method of self-defense is perfectly legal and requires no special weapons

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