Linking research and practice in midwifery : a guide to evidence-based practice


Linking research and practice in midwifery : a guide to evidence-based practice

edited by Sue Proctor and Mary Renfrew ; forewords by Marc J.N.C. Keirse ... [et al.].

Baillière Tindall, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references and index.



This book explores how the links between midwifery research and practice can be developed and strengthened, in order to lead directly to care based on the best available evidence. Based on the realities of midwifery practice, contributions by researchers, practitioners and consumers explore the core issues, which challenge midwives in their practice, and how these challenges may be met. Comprising two sections, the book deals clearly and in detail with the complex issues involved in developing evidence-based practice. The first section considers the context of research in todays healthcare structure, after reflecting on the current and past positions of research in midwifery. Issues such as ethical decisions and the involvement of women and babies in research are explored prior to a discussion of the different stages of the research process. Continual professional and practice development through education and audit are also examined. Section Two highlights some of the core skills for research in midwifery and offers guidance and tips from experts in their fields. Throughout the book, examples from practice and reflective exercise illustrate and underpin theoretical points.Explores the key issues in midwifery research which a midwife has to understand before being able to interpret research accurately Focuses on how research can drive and improve everyday practiceHelps the reader to be clear about what issues have to be understood form research findings in order to build future research projects Gives a clear guide to how midwifery research fits the national picture, how research priorities affect maternity services, and the importance of collaborating with other professionals in developing research


THE CONTEXT OF MIDWIFERY PRACTICE * Research Evidence in Midwifery Practice * Historical Context of Research * Research and development in the NHS * Ethics and Good Practice Involving Consumers in Research * Reviewing Existing Knowledge * Asking Questions about Practice and Using Appropriate Research Methods * Words into Action: Dissemination and Implementing the Findings of Research * Developing Standards for Practice * Education for Best Practice * The Reality of Evidence-Based Practice in Midwifery * Developing Research and Evidence-Based Practice in Midwifery * The Next Thirty Years * DESIGNING A RESEARCH PROPOSAL * Applying to a Local Research Ethics Committee * Questionnaire Design * Conducting Interviews with Individuals and Groups * Conducting Participant and Non-Participant Observational Studies

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