Mobile networking with WAP : the ultimate guide to the efficient use of wireless application protocol


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Mobile networking with WAP : the ultimate guide to the efficient use of wireless application protocol

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Vieweg, 2000

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Inspiration for the wireless revolution The big Geneva Telecom 99 exhibition will probably go down in history as the moment when Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) made its debut in the world. A slew of vendors launched their first WAP phones and carriers announced their first WAP services. And this time it's Europe that's the frontrunner. 'For once I'm not proud to be an American', said Larry Ellison, the CEO of softwaremaker Oracie, in a speech delivered at Telecom 99. Europe is at least 18 months ahead of the United States in deploying WAP. The Telecom 99 show could mark the beginning of a bright, very bright future for WAP. Analists predict that a significant part of Internet access will be via wireless devices within a few years. It's important not to get carried away. When the computer industry gets hold of a new concept like WAP it becomes the 'Next Big Thing'. Vendors pre-announce products and the mass media prints hype. When the revolution fails to materialize during the following months the hype will die soon. But this time it's different. The business case is overwhelming, the numbers are staggering, and it's the 'cash loaded' telecom industry that is delivering the key products.


1: The Future with WAP.- What is Wap?.- Mobile network Evolution to Multimedia Messaging.- Early Demand for Nokia Multimedia Messaging Service: a Case and Market study of MMS.- Infinite InterChange WAP White Paper.- Is Mobile Data Really About to Take Off or are we seeing another false dawn?.- Application of Smart Antenna Technology in Wireless Communication Systems.- WAP: the Key to Mobile Data?.- The Evolution of GSM Data Towards UMTS.- Wireless Access Protocol set to take over - WAP addresses the shortcomings of other protocols.- The WAP Vision.- WAP Overview - "The Internet In Your Hands".- 2: How to Benefit.- Applications of Wireless Networks.- WAP White Paper ...when time is of the essence.- Wireless Data Connectivity.- Oracle Portal-to-Go, Any service to any device.- Wireless IP - A Case Study.- 3: Business Solutions.- WAP - The wireless application protocol.- Business goes Mobile - Mobile Business Applications.- Let's WAP! With Ericsson Business Consulting.- Mobile stock trading via WAP.- WAP Banking and Broking - Software System White Paper.- GSM: Worldwide Connection For Mobile Work Force -- Technology Includes Business Features, Easy Installation For Global Connections.- Wireless e-SecurityTM.- Email Connectivity for WAP Enabled Mobile Terminals.- Mobile Commerce Report.- 4: Technical Considerations.- to Wireless Application Protocol and Wireless Markup Language.- W* Effect Considered Harmful.

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