The strategic air war against Germany, 1939-1945 : report of the British Bombing Survey Unit


    • British Bombing Survey Unit
    • Beetham, Michael
    • Huston, John W.
    • Cox, Sebastian


The strategic air war against Germany, 1939-1945 : report of the British Bombing Survey Unit

with forewords by Michael Beetham and John W. Huston ; and introductory material by Sebastian Cox

(Cass series--studies in air power, 4)

F. Cass, 1998

  • cloth

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Includes bibliographical references and index



At the close of the Second World War both the RAF and the United States Army Air Forces sent teams of investigators to the continent of Europe to try and assess the effectiveness of Allied strategic bombing. The British Survey was originally classified and is published here for the first time. By combining the original Report and an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, together with a short history of the genesis of the British Survey, this work is an important contribution to the continuing historical debate over the effects of the strategic bombing offensive in the Second World War.


Times Literary Supplement -"The uncommitted reader will probably conclude that the official history got it about right". Choice - "This new volume provides for the first time not only the original BBSU Report but also a skillful analysis of the work itself...One of the essential works on WW 11 in the air." Contemporary Review- " it is a major contribution to our understanding of World War II" Aerospace Power Journal, Volume 13, No. 4, Winter 99 - available on Internet at 9. htm "An outstanding introduction by Sebastian Cox ... The Report is an important book that brings valuable data to the scholar and student for the first time ... This is an essential volume for anyone studying the bomber offensive against Germany." Journal of Political and Military Sociology "a treasure- trove of sociology of war, both regarding the impact of war on civilian populations and the actions of bureaucracies that study and evaluate such effects

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