Crossroads : a popular history of Malaysia & Singapore


    • Baker, Jim, M.Ed


Crossroads : a popular history of Malaysia & Singapore

Jim Baker

Times Books International, c1999


Popular history of Malaysia and Singapore

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Bibliography: p. 403-410

Includes index



The Malay Peninsula is an area where not only has the East met the West but also where the East has met the East - a true crossroads. Authoritatively researched and drawing on numerous anecdotes, this book takes a fresh, bold approach to the study of the history of Malaysia and Singapore that would interest the general reader or student. As political entities, Malaysia and Singapore are twentieth-century phenomena. Looking at them historically must be in the context of the history of archipelago Southeast Asia. Rich in historical value, Crossroads will inform, educate, and entertain with its lively prose and controversial statements. Features: A well-documented account of the social, economic, and political history of Singapore and Malaysia up to today; Concise and highly readable, this entertaining book is replete with important names, dates, places, and the occasional anecdote; Features an extensive bibliography and index; Complete with photographs, maps, and information boxes/footnotes to facilitate better understanding; A reader-friendly guide suitable as a school adoption text.

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