Texture and anisotropy : preferred orientations in polycrystals and their effect on materials properties



Texture and anisotropy : preferred orientations in polycrystals and their effect on materials properties

U.F. Kocks, C.N. Tomé, H.-R. Wenk, authors and editors ; with additional contributions by A.J. Beaudoin ... [et al.] ; and with an introduction by H. Mecking

Cambridge University Press, 2000

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First published 1998

First paperback edition (with corrections) 2000



Many man-made materials and naturally occurring substances are aggregates of crystals, or polycrystals, with a non-random distribution of orientations. In such textured polycrystals, many macroscopic physical properties are anisotropic, i.e. they depend on direction. This book is about the measurement and analysis of textures, the prediction of polycrystal properties from measured textures and known single crystal properties, and the prediction of the development of texture and the ensuing anisotropic properties during elastic and plastic deformation. It also gives an overview of observed textures in metals, ceramics and rocks. There is a balance between theoretical concepts and experimental techniques. The book addresses several issues. Part I provides tools and describes methods to obtain quantitative data on textures of polycrystals. It should be of interest to experimentalists. Part II emphasizes modeling of deformation and incorporates theoretical concepts of mechanics. Part III illustrates successful applications in engineering and earth sciences.


  • Introduction H. Mecking
  • Part I. Description of Textures and Anisotropies: 1. Anisotropy and symmetry U. F. Kocks
  • 2. The representation of orientations and textures U. F. Kocks
  • 3. Determination of the orientation distribution from pole figure data J. S. Kallend
  • 4. Pole figure measurements with diffraction techniques H.-R. Wenk
  • 5. Typical textures in metals A. D. Rollett and S. I. Wright
  • 6. Typical textures in geological materials and ceramics H.-R. Wenk
  • Part II. Anisotropic Mechanical Properties in Textured Polycrystals: 7. Tensor properties of textured polycrystals C. N. Tome
  • 8. Kinematics and kinetics of plasticity U. F. Kocks
  • 9. Simulation of deformation texture development for cubic metals U. F. Kocks
  • 10. Effects of texture on plasticity M. G. Stout and U. F. Kocks
  • 11. Self consistent modeling of heterogeneous plasticity C. N. Tome and G. R. Canova
  • 12. Finite element modeling of heterogeneous plasticity P. R. Dawson and A. J. Beaudoin, Jr.
  • Part III. Some Applications: 13. Finite element simulations of metal forming P. R. Dawson and A. J. Beaudoin, Jr.
  • 14. Plasticity modeling in minerals and rocks H.-R. Wenk
  • Appendix: the elastic inclusion problem C. N. Tome.

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