Calculus : based on Schaum's outline of differential and integral calculus by Frank Ayres, Jr. and Elliot Mendelson


Calculus : based on Schaum's outline of differential and integral calculus by Frank Ayres, Jr. and Elliot Mendelson

abridgement editor, George J. Hademenos

(Schaum's outline series, . Schaum's easy outlines)

McGraw-Hill, c2000


Calculus crash course

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Includes index



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Chapter 1: Functions, Sequences, Limits, and Continuity. Chapter 2: Differentiation. Chapter 3: Maxima and Minima. Chapter 4: Differentiation of Special Functions. Chapter 5: The Law of the Mean, Indeterminate Forms, Differentials, and Curve Sketching. Chapter 6: Fundamental Integration Techniques and Applications. Chapter 7: The Definite Integral, Plane Areas by Integration, Improper Integrals. Appendix A: Differentiation Formulas for Common Mathematical Functions. Appendix B: Integration Formulas for Common Mathematical Functions. Index.

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