On the edge : Ukrainian-Central European-Russian security triangle


On the edge : Ukrainian-Central European-Russian security triangle

edited by Margarita M. Balmaceda

Central European University Press, 2000

  • : cloth : alk. paper

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Includes bibliographical references and index



With the break-up of Russia, a new globally significant relationship is the main topic of this volume, namely the geopolitical link between Russia, Ukraine and the three bordering `Central European' states, being Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. "On the Edge" gives analysis of this triangular relationship with focus on economic, political and more importantly, security issues. The expansion of Western security organizations (NATO) up to Ukraine's borders is likely to leave Ukraine in a delicate position vis-a-vis Russia. "On the Edge" addresses key questions, such as: how are events in Ukraine affecting the security calculations of the Central European states; Central European relations with Russia and NATO; and relations among Central European states themselves? The volume examines what Central European states can do to solidify Ukraine's independence and help it avoid international isolation. A Central European perspective is given on all these issues while advocating cocrete forms of co-operation.


  • Introduction: international relations theory and the European security triangle
  • Part 1 Case Studies: shaping the triangle
  • the Polish-Ukrainaian security triangle
  • the Slovak-Ukrainian-Russian security triangle
  • the Hungarian-Ukrainian-Russian security triangle
  • Part 2 Patterns: patterns of the triangular relationship (economic factors)
  • patterns of the triangular relationship (role of national minoroties)
  • the Ukraine-Central European border after NATO expansion
  • conclusion.

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