Cultural goods and the limits of the market


Cultural goods and the limits of the market

Russell Keat

St. Martin's Press , Macmillan, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 204-210) and index



In Cultural Goods and the Limits of the Market , Russell Keat presents a theoretical challenge to recent extensions of the market domain and the introduction of commercially modelled forms of organization in areas such as broadcasting, the arts and academic research. Drawing on Walzer's pluralistic conception of social goods, and MacIntyre's account of social practices, he argues that cultural activities of this kind, and the institutions within which they are conducted, can best make their distinctive contributions to human well-being when protected from the damaging effects of an unbounded market.


Preface Acknowledgements Introduction PART I: KEEPING THE MARKET AT BAY Consumer Sovereignty and the Integrity of Practice Scepticism, Authority and the Market Citizens, Consumers and the Environment Colonization by the Market: Walzer on Recognition Science and Recognition PART II: MAKING THE BEST OF THE MARKET Markets, Firms and Practices Consumer-Friendly Production or Producer-Friendly Consumption? Justifying the Market and its Limitation Notes References Index

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