The woman-centered university : interdisciplinary perspectives


    • McCoy, Melanie
    • DiGeorgio-Lutz, JoAnn


The woman-centered university : interdisciplinary perspectives

edited by Melanie McCoy, JoAnn DiGeorgio-Lutz

University Press of America, c1999

  • cloth
  • pbk.

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Includes bibliographical references (p.[143]-166)



The Woman-Centered University brings together many ideas that focus on the creation of a university where the needs of women are just as important as the needs of men, while also considering minority men and women. The contributors seek to move the university beyond its European-male educational roots by transforming not only the curriculum, but also the faculty and administrators, the teaching and learning process, and the university climate as a whole. These essays provide the experience and knowledge of many academics from throughout America and several other countries. They discuss many pertinent topics, including the academic culture of African-American women professors, the differences between the compensation and satisfaction of male and female faculty, the gender-biased foundations of International Relations, the issues of women and the psychology curriculum, and how collaborative research can contribute to the formation of a woman-centered university by incorporating the female point of view. The editors bring these ideas together to begin to generate the awareness and action for the creation of the woman-centered university.


chapter 1 Introduction chapter 2 Maneuvering the Academic Culture chapter 3 Women, Men, and Job Satisfaction Academia chapter 4 The Academy: Vehicle for Gender Equity and Cultural Justice chapter 5 Social Systems Barriers of Women in Academia chapter 6 The Empress's New Clothes chapter 7 Teaching Cultural Diversity chapter 8 Using Inquiry and Children's Literature to Ask Hard Questions With Women in Education chapter 9 Recognizing our Students chapter 10 Bringing Women's Ways of Knowing to Doctoral Research chapter 11 Conclusion chapter 12 Bibliography

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