Globalization and unemployment


    • Wagner, Helmut


Globalization and unemployment

Helmut Wagner, editor

Springer, c2000

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Globalization and unemployment are two phenomena which are amongst the most widely discussed subjects in the economic debate today. Often, globalization is regarded as being responsible for the increase in unemployment, particularly in unskilled labor. This book deals with the correlation between globalization and unemployment under various aspects: historical aspects of globalization, empirical trends and theoretical explanations of unemployment, effects of globalization in general and of European Monetary Union in particular on umemployment, labor market policy in a global economy, the impact of fiscal policy on unemployment in a global economy, as well as the effects of globalization on inflation and national stabilization policy.


  • H. Wagner: Introduction.- Globalization: Challenges: D. Citrin, S. Fischer: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization in the Advanced Economies.- Historical Perspectives: K.H. O'Rourke: Globalization in Historical Perspective.- Unemployment: Empirical Trends: R. Schettkat, M. Verhagen: International Unemployment Trends: Measurement and Stylized Facts.- Theoretical Explanations: T. Beissinger, J. Moeller: Unemployment: Theoretical Explanations
  • B. Fitzenberger: Comment
  • W. Vogt: Endogenously Biased Technical Progress and the Macroeconomic Structure of Employment and Wages.- Globalization and Unemployment: Effects of Globalization on Unemployment: O. Landmann: Wages, Unemployment, and Globalization: a Tale of Conventional Wisdoms
  • A. Heise: Comment.- Effects of European Monetary Integration on Unemployment: A. Belke, D. Gros: Effects of European Monetary Integration on Unemployment: How Costly Was (Intra-European) Exchange Rate Variability?
  • C. Hefeker: Comment.- Globalization, Unemployment, and Economic Policies: Labor Market Policy: N. Berthold, R. Fehn: Labor Market Policy in a Global Economy
  • J. Kromphardt: Labor Market Analysis and Labor Market Policy in a Global Economy - An Alternative View (Commentary Paper).- Fiscal Policy: C. Fuest, B. Huber, F. Woehlbier: Fiscal Policy and Unemployment in a Global Economy
  • M. Wrede: Comment .- Stabilization Theory: H. Wagner: Globalization and Inflation
  • P.J.J. Welfens: Comment.

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