Shakespeare, feminism and gender


Shakespeare, feminism and gender

edited by Kate Chedgzoy

(New casebooks)(Contemporary critical essays)

Palgrave, 2001

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Over the last quarter-century, feminist criticism of Shakespeare has greatly expanded and enriched the range of interpretations of the Shakespearean texts, their original historical location, and subsequent reinterpretation. Characteristically it weaves between past and present, driven by a commitment both to intervene in contemporary cultural politics and to recover a fuller sense of the sexual politics of the literary heritage. Collecting together essays which offer detailed accounts of particular plays with others that take a broader overview of the field, this Casebook showcases the range of critical strategies used by feminist criticism, and illustrates how vital attention to the politics of gender and sexuality is to a full understanding and appreciation of Shakespearean drama.


  • Acknowledgements.- General Editor's Preface.- Introduction
  • K. Chedgzoy.- The Patriarchal Bard: Feminist Criticism and Shakespeare: King Lear and Measure for Measure
  • K. McLuskie.- Feminist Theory and the Editing of Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew Revisited
  • A. Thompson.- Woman's Alternative Shakespeares and Women's Alternatives to Shakespeare in Contemporary British Theatre
  • L. Goodman.- Gender and Nation: Anticipations of Modernity in the Second Tetralogy
  • J.E. Howard & P. Rackin.- How to Read The Merchant of Venice without being Heterosexist
  • A. Sinfield.- The Homoerotics of Shakespearean Comedy
  • V. Traub.- Mourning and Misogyny: Hamlet and the Final Progress of Elizabeth I
  • S. Mullaney.- He Do Cressida in Different Voices
  • B. Hodgdon.- Revolutions, Petty Tyranny and the Murderous Husband
  • F. Dolan.- Macbeth and the All-singing, All-dancing Plays of the Jacobean Witch-Vogue
  • D. Purkiss.- The Colour of Patriarchy: Critical Difference, Cultural Difference and Renaissance Drama
  • A. Loomba.- Further Reading.- Notes on Contributors.- Index.

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