Environmental ethics : an introduction with readings


    • Benson, John


Environmental ethics : an introduction with readings

John Benson

Routledge, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [285]-286) and indexes



Presupposing no prior knowledge of philosophy, John Benson introduces the fundamentals of environmental ethics by asking whether a concern with human well-being is an adequate basis for environmental ethics. He encourages the reader to explore this question, considering techniques used to value the environment and critically examining 'light green' to 'deep green' environmentalism. Each chapter is linked to a reading from a key thinker such as J.S. Mill and E.O. Wilson. Key features include activities and exercises, enabling readers to monitor their progress throughout the book, chapter summaries and guides to further reading.


Introduction 1. Environments and environmental ethics 2. Environmental goods and human well-being 3. Environmental goods and the problem of cooperation 4. Environmental virtues 5. What entities have independent moral status? 6. Relating to nature 1: following nature 7. Relating to nature 2: on being a part of nature Readings: 1. 'Environmental ethics in practice' Richard and Val Routley 2. 'The Cultural Approach to Conservation Biology' Bryan G. Norton 3. 'The environmental ethic' Edward O. Wilson 4. 'Neither Use nor Ornament: A Consumers' Guide to Care' Jane Howarth 5. 'Economic valuation of environmental goods' David Pearce, Anil Markandya and Edward D. Barber 6. 'A reply to some criticisms' David Pearce 7. 'The Tragedy of the Commons' Garrett Hardin 8. 'Game theory analysis' J.L. Mackie 9. 'Wonder' R.W. Hepburn 10. 'Science, wonder and lust of the eyes' John O'Neill 11. 'Respect for Nature' Paul W. Taylor 12. 'Nature' John Stuart Mill 13. 'Can and Ought We to Follow Nature?' Holmes Rolston III 14. 'Identification, oneness, wholeness and self-realization' Arne Naess 15. 'Transpersonal ecology and the varieties of identification' Warwick Fox 16. 'Nature, Self and Gender: Feminism, Environmental Philosophy and the Critique of Rationalism' Val Plumwood 17. Environmental verses Philip Larkin, G.M. Hopkins, W.H. Auden Revision test Answers to revision test Bibliography Index

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