Multilingualism in Spain : sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of linguistic minority groups


    • Turell, M. Teresa


Multilingualism in Spain : sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of linguistic minority groups

edited by M. Teresa Turell

(Multilingual matters / series editor, Derrick Sharp, 120)

Multilingual Matters Ltd, c2001

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Multilingualism in Spain deals with the sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of established and new migrant minority groups in Spain. Three guiding analytical research approaches cut across minorities in Spain: language, migration and discrimination, although not all aspects apply to all minorities in the same way: some are characterised by language, migration and discrimination; other communities are only defined by language and migration, but their members are not discriminated against socially and culturally; another group of communities are not characterised by recent migration, but they are discriminated against and/or their languages not even officially recognised; lastly, there are some other communities that do not find enough legal and institutional support and their languages may suffer discrimination.


  • Part I The larger established minorities: the Catalan-speaking communities, M.A. Pradilla
  • the Basque-speaking communities, J. Cenoz and J. Perales
  • the Galician speech community, C. Hermida. Part II The smaller established minorities: the Occitan speech community of the Aran Valley, J. Sulls and A. Huguet
  • the Autur-Leonese (Bable) speech community, R. Gonzales-Quevedo
  • the sign language of communities, R. Vallverdu. Part III The other establsihed minorities: the Gitano communities, A. Marzo and M.T. Turell
  • the Jewish communities, B. Vigil. Part IV The new migrant minorities: the Brazilian community, M.T. Turell and N. Lavratti
  • the Cape Verdean community, L. Lopez Trigal
  • the Chinese community, J. Beltran and G. Garcia
  • the Italian community, R.M. Torrens
  • the Maghrebi communities, B. gari
  • the Portuguese community, L. Lopez Trigal
  • the UK community, M.T. Turell and C. Coroll
  • the US American community, M. Tersa Turell and Christina Corcoll.

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