Psychotropic drugs


    • Keltner, Norman L.
    • Folks, David G.


Psychotropic drugs

Norman L. Keltner, David G. Folks

Mosby, c2001

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Psychotropic Drugs, third edition, presents essential psychopharmacologic information in a comprehensive, user-friendly format. With the contemporary emphasis on the biologic basis of mental disorders, current information about psychotropic drug interventions is necessary for all health care providers. Part One of the book consists of 21 narrative chapters that provide an overview and basic discussion of the biologic bases of psychopharmacology as well as the uses of psychotropic drugs for specific psychiatric disorders across the lifespan. Part Two contains a series of brief profiles for some of the most common psychotropic drugs, listed by generic name, for access in clinical situations. Presenting this material in both a comprehensive narrative style and in individual alphabetic drug profiles, this book can be used as both a quick and in-depth reference.


PART ONE: CLINICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY . UNIT I: Introduction to Psychotropic Drug Use . Psychiatric Care and Contemporary Treatment . Neuroanatomy . NEW - Pharmacokinetics . Neuropharmacology and Psychotropic Drugs . UNIT II: Drugs Used in the Treatment of Mental Disorders . Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses . Mood Disorders . Anxiety Disorders . NEW - Dementia and Amnestic Disorders . Seizure Disorders . Sleep Disorders . Acute Psychoses and the Violent Patient . Alcoholism and Other Substance Abuse Disorders . NEW - Sexual Disorders . UNIT III: Drug Issues Related to Psychopharmacology . Drugs Used for Electroconvulsive Therapy . Drugs of Abuse . Drugs Used to Stimulate the Central Nervous System . Drugs Used to Treat Extrapyramidal Side Effects . NEW - Herbal Medicines . UNIT IV: Developmental Issues Related to Psychotropic Drugs . Psychopharmacology for Children . Psychopharmacology for Adolescents . Psychopharmacology for Elderly Persons . PART TWO: Psychotropic Drug Profiles . Appendix . General Index . Disorders Index . Drug Index

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