State expansion of federal constitutional liberties : individual rights in a dual constitutional system


State expansion of federal constitutional liberties : individual rights in a dual constitutional system

edited with an introduction by James A. Gardner

(Controversies in constitutional law)

Garland Pub., 1999

  • : v. 1 : alk. paper
  • : v. 2 : alk. paper

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Includes bibliographical references


  • v. 1. The development of independent state constitutional law
  • v. 2. The jurisprudential crisis of state constitutional law



First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Vol.1: The Development of Independent State Constitutional Law I. Introduction to State Bills of Rights 1. U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights. 2. Massachusetts Constitution, Part the First. 3. California Constitution, Article 1. 4. Texas Constitution, Article 1. 5. Report of the Committee on Bill of Rights and Suffrage, New York Constitutional Convention (1967). 6. Bill of Rights Committee Proposal No. VIII, Montana Constitutional Convention (1971-72). II. The Jurisprudential Basis for an Independent State Constitutional Law 1. Barron vs. Baltimore (1833). 2. Paul Finkelman: State Constitutional Protection of Liberty and the Antebellum New Jersey Supreme Court: Chief Justice Hornblower and the Fugitive Slave Law, Rutgers Law Journal (1992). 3. Duncan vs. Louisiana (1968). 4. Michigan vs. Long (1983). III. The Call to Heightened State Protection of Individual Liberties 1. William J. Brennan, Jr: State Constitutions and the Protection of Individual Rights, Harvard Law Review (1977). IV. The Response from State Courts and Judges 1. Hans A. Linde: First Things First: Rediscovering the States' Bill of Rights, University of Baltimore Law Review (1980). 2. State vs. Henry (Or. 1987). 3. Stewart G. Pollock: State Constitutions as Separate Sources of Fundamental Rights, Rutgers Law Review (1983). 4. State vs. Jackson (Wash. 1984). 5. Shirley S. Abrahamson: Criminal Law and State Constitutions: The Emergence of State Constitutional Law, Texas Law Review (1985). 6. Judith S. Kaye: Dual Constitutionalism in Practice and Principle, St. John's Law Review (1987). 7. Immuno A.G. vs. Moor-Jankowski (N.Y. 1991). 8. Commonwealth vs. Wasson (Ky. 1993). V. Contemporary State Constitutional Litigation 1. Brief of Governor Lincoln C. Almond, Relating to his Request for an Advisory Opinion to the Justices (1997). Vol.2: The Jurisprudential Crisis of State Constitutional Law I. The Backlash Against New Judicial Federalism 1. State vs. Florance (Or. 1974). 2. California Proposition 8, Victim's Bill of Rights (1982). 3. Florida Constitution: Article I, Section 12. 4. State vs. Barton (Conn. 1991). II. The Debate Over Interpretive Methodology 1. Hans A. Linde: E Pluribus: Constitutional theory and State, Georgia Law Review (1984). 2. State vs. Hunt (N.J. 1982). 3. State vs. Gunwall (Wash. 1986). 4. Robert F. Utter: Swimming in the Jaws of the Crocodile: State Court Comment on Federal Constitutional Issues when Disposing of Cases on State Constitutional Grounds, Texas Law Review (1985). III. The Scholarly Critique 1. George Deukmejian and C.K. Thompson Jr: All Sail and No Anchor: Judicial Review under the California Constitution, Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly (1979). 2. Earl M. Maltz: False Prophet: Justice Brennan and the Theory of State Constitutional Law, Hasti

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