David Copperfield : an annotated bibliography


David Copperfield : an annotated bibliography

by Richard J. Dunn and Ann M. Tandy

(AMS studies in the nineteenth century, no. 23 . The Dickens bibliographies / general editor, Duane De Vries)

AMS Press, c2000-

  • Suppl. 1

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Includes index

Contents: Suppl. 1. 1981-1998



Annotated bibliographies are a mix of reference work, book biography and generalogy, and documentation of cultural reception and appropriation. Now that electronic searches can be done speedily, what does the slower print medium of a volume such as this offer? It is comprehensive and, through annotation, descriptive, with commentary based on the editors' consideration of the entire source in most cases. It is...literally a life of David Copperfield, unfinished and in need of periodic supplement...


  • How to Use This Bibliography
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • A Life of David Copperfield
  • Part One: Text
  • David Copperfield in Progress: Letters, Number Plans
  • Textual Commentary: Scholarship Concerning Publication, Textual Matters, Character Prototypes, Illustrations
  • Other Dickens Works Bearing on David Copperfield
  • Subsequent Editions Containing New Introductions or Illustrations
  • Audio Adaptations
  • Commentary on Audio Adaptations
  • Children's Adaptations
  • Film and Video Adaptations
  • Commentary on Film and Video Adaptations
  • Stage Adaptations
  • Commentary on Stage Adaptations
  • Musical Adaptations
  • Miscellaneous Adaptations Part Two: Studies
  • Reception by Dickens's Contemporaries
  • Criticism
  • Appreciations
  • Topography
  • Literary Influences and Parallels
  • Teaching and Study Materials
  • Biographical Studies
  • Author and Subject Index

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