Prosocial guidance for the preschool child


Prosocial guidance for the preschool child

Janice J. Beaty

Merrill, c1999

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This book reflects the new approach to guidance in the preschool classroom, focusing on positive rather than inappropriate behaviors. It provides future and current teachers with the skills to create a prosocial physical environment, to anticipate and prevent inappropriate behavior from happening, and to help children manage their own behavior. This is the only text to offer two unique checklists which allow parents and teachers to evaluate themselves and their children in terms of prosocial development. The author also provides complete coverage of how teachers can develop eight prosocial behaviors in preschoolers with positive guidance.


I. PROSOCIAL GUIDANCE. 1. What Is Prosocial Guidance? 2. Children and Prosocial Behavior. 3. Teachers and Prosocial Guidance. II. PROVIDING PROSOCIAL GUIDANCE. 4. Creating a Prosocial Physical Environment. 5. Using Positive Prevention to Manage Inappropriate Behavior. 6. Using Positive Intervention to Help Children Manage Their Own Behavior. 7. Using Positive Reinforcement to Help Children Learn Prosocial Behaviors. III. SPECIFIC STRATEGIES TO PROMOTE PROSOCIAL BEHAVIOR. 8. Promoting Children's Self-Esteem. 9. Using Other-Esteem Conflict Conversion. 10. Promoting Positive Communication Among Children and Adults. 11. Promoting Family Involvement in Prosocial Guidance. Topical Children's Book Index. Index. Author Profile.

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