A short history of Asia : stone age to 2000 AD


A short history of Asia : stone age to 2000 AD

Colin Mason

MacMillan , St. Martin's Press, 2000

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This work presents a comprehensive account of civilizations that had credit banking, mass production industries and whole libraries of printed books, while Europe was still in the Dark Ages. Colin Mason covers the history of the whole of Asia, from India to Japan, with particular emphasis on the pre-colonial period. He also takes a critical look at imperialism and identifies Asian traditions which continue to profoundly influence the modern states. The chapters on recent history are enlivened by the personal experience of the author, who has lived and worked in almost all of them. This should be of interest to is the student, businessman and traveller who seek to understand the Asian nations that now make up more than half of the human race.


Introduction - PART ONE: BEFORE IMPERIALISM - The First Indian Civilisations: Harappa and the Aryan Invasion - The Development of Indian Culture: Hinduism and Buddhism - Early South-East Asia: The Ships from India - China: The Eternal Nation - Early Japan: and the T'ang Dynasty in China - The Awakening of Europe: and the Challenge of Islam - China: The Sung, Mongol and Ming Dynasties - China: The Years of Decline - The Three Makers of Japan: and the Tokugawa Period - PART TWO: THE WHITE MAN'S BURDEN - The Dominators and the Dominated - South-East Asia: The European and Chinese Incursions and Later History of the Mainland States - The Malay World: Majapahit and Malacca - Indonesia: The Last Independent Kingdoms and the Extension of Dutch Rule - India under Two Masters: The Grand Moguls and the East India Company - Gandhi's India: The Struggle for Liberty - PART THREE: THE MODERN NATIONS - The South Asian Nations: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - China: Two Revolutions - Modern China: The Communist State - Indonesia: Sukarno and After - Malaya: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei - Japan: The Iron Triangle - Thailand: Land of the Free - The Philippines: Trouble in Paradise - Korea: Divided Nation - Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - Burma: Rule by the Gun - Asia Today and Tomorrow - Bibliography - Index

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