Applied economics : an introductory course


Applied economics : an introductory course

edited by Alan Griffiths & Stuart Wall

Financial Times, Prentice Hall, 1999

8th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



With its unique blend of theory and application, Applied Economics communicates the vitality of the subject to students of economics. Always at the forefront of economic debate and events, the eighth edition combines information and analysis over 29 separate topic areas. It examines the controversies which arise in each topic area, giving students an insight into the difficulties of formulating and implementing economic policy in the real world. The clear writing style and up-to-date coverage of the text has ensured its continued success through Seven Editions. The Eighth Edition builds on the strengths of the previous editions, continuing the traditions which have established it as a best selling text for students of applied economics.


1 UK economic structure. THEORY OF THE FIRM. 2 Company reports and accounts. 3 Firm objectives. 4 Small firm. 5 Mergers and acquisitions. 6 Oligopoly. 7 Multinational enterprise. 8 Privatisiation and deregulation. 9 Pricing in practice. ENVIRONMENTAL, REGIONAL AND SOCIAL ECONOMICS 10 Environment. 11 Regional and urban policy. 12 Transport. 13 Social Policy. 14 Distribution of income and wealth. 15 Trade unions, wages and collective bargaining. MACROECONOMICS 16 Consumption and saving. 17 Investment. 18 Public expenditure. 19 Taxation. 20 Money and EMU. 21 Financial institutions and markets. 22 Inflation. 23 Unemployment. 24 Managing the economy. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 25 Exchange rates. 26 International trade and payments. 27 Free trade, regional trading blocs and protectionism. 28 European union. 29 Transitional economics. 30 Developing economics. Guide to sources.

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