The palladium of justice : origins of trial by jury


The palladium of justice : origins of trial by jury

Leonard W. Levy

(Ivan R. Dee paperbacks, . American history and American studies)

I.R. Dee, c1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 107-108) and index



Trial by jury is the mainstay of the accusatorial system of criminal justice. Here one of our most distinguished constitutional scholars, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Leonard Levy, brings his formidable skills to bear in tracing the development of what many great legal minds have called the "Palladium of Justice." Recounting this history with his characteristic clarity, vigor, and elegance of expression, Mr. Levy has given us a brilliant and useful summary of one of our most cherished freedoms. "Incisively, thoroughly, and thoughtfully-as always-Leonard Levy offers historical meaning and understanding to one of our most basic rights."-Stanley I. Kutler.

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