S. : a novel about the Balkans


S. : a novel about the Balkans

Slavenka Drakulić ; translated by Marko Ivić

Penguin Putnam, 2001, c1999

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Kao da me nema

Als gabe es mich nicht

As if I am not there

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First published in Great Britain as As if I am not there by Little, Brown and Co., 1999

Originally published in German as Als gabe es mich nicht by Aufbau Verlag GmbH, Berlin. Published in Croatian under the title Kao da me nema by Feral Tribure, Split, Croatia

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"S. may very well be one of the strongest books about war you will ever read. . . The writing is taut, precise, and masterful." -The Philadelphia Enquirer Set in 1992, during the height of the Bosnian war, S. reveals one of the most horrifying aspects of any war: the rape and torture of civilian women by occupying forces. S. is the story of a Bosnian woman in exile who has just given birth to an unwanted child-one without a country, a name, a father, or a language. Its birth only reminds her of an even more grueling experience: being repeatedly raped by Serbian soldiers in the "women's room" of a prison camp. Through a series of flashbacks, S. relives the unspeakable crimes she has endured, and in telling her story-timely, strangely compelling, and ultimately about survival-depicts the darkest side of human nature during wartime.

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