Light weapons and civil conflict : controlling the tools of violence


Light weapons and civil conflict : controlling the tools of violence

edited by Jeffrey Boutwell and Michael T. Klare

(Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict)

Rowman & Littlefield, c1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 245-247) and index

"American academy of arts and sciences" -- T.p



This book represents the perspectives of the foremost specialists on light weapons, and it surveys the wide range of policy options open to the international community. These include export and import controls, law enforcement strategies to break up black markets, collection and destruction of weapons following the end of conflict, and efforts to illuminate how small arms and light weapons made their way to the killing grounds of the 1990s.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Part One: Light Weapons and International Conflict Chapter 3 The International Trade in Light Weapons: What Have We Learned? Chapter 4 Light Weapons and Conflict in the Great Lakes Region of Africa Chapter 5 Controlling the Black and Gray Markets in Small Arms in South Asia Part 6 Part Two: Controlling the Supply of Light Weapons Chapter 7 U.S. Policy and the Export of Light Weapons Chapter 8 The European Union and the Light Weapons Trade Chapter 9 Domestic Laws and International Controls Part 10 Part Three: Regional Efforts to Control Light Weapons Chapter 11 West Africa and the Mali Moratorium Chapter 12 Controlling Light Weapons in Southern Africa Part 13 Part Four: International Cooperation to Control Light Weapons Chapter 14 The United Nations and the Control of Light Weapons Chapter 15 Light Weapons and International Law Enforcement Part 16 Part Five: Light Weapons, Human Rights, and Social Development Chapter 17 Light Weapons and Human Development: The Need for Transparency and Early Warning Chapter 18 Arms Transfers, Humanitarian Assistance, and Humanitarian Law Chapter 19 The World Bank, Demobilization, and Social Reconstruction Part 20 Conclusion Chapter 21 Light Weapons and Civil Conflict: Policy Options for the International Community

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