The ISO 9000 handbook


    • Peach, Robert W.


The ISO 9000 handbook

edited by Robert W. Peach

McGraw-Hill, c1997

3rd ed

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Includes index



The definitive guide to ISO 9000 implementation. At last: the ISO 9000 quality standards, what they mean and how to use them--all in one complete, authoritative guide! The Third Edition of the ISO 9000 Handbook gives you everything you need to know about the ISO 9000 series of international standards, implementation and quality systems registration. Robert W. Peach and a team of top experts walk you step-by-step through such issues as product liability, conformity assessment, registrar accrediation, auditing--all the critical information you need to know to implement and profit from ISO 9000. You also get up-to-the minute details on emerging standards for EMS--an in-depth comparison of ISO 9000 quality requirements, Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Guidelines and Deming/SPC-based TQM practice--detailed case studies of ISO 9000 initiatives in chemical, computer, steel, auto and other industries--and much, much more.

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