Understanding business systems in developing countries


    • Jakobsen, Gurli
    • Torp, Jens Erik


Understanding business systems in developing countries

edited by Gurli Jakobsen, Jens Erik Torp

Sage Publications, 2001

  • : cloth
  • : pbk
  • India: hb.
  • India: pbk.

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Based on papers from an international workshop on Business in the South, Copenhagen Business School, Jan. 1997

Includes bibliographical references (p. [234]-249) and indexes



The contributors to this volume challenge the assumptions of classical business economics about the universal nature of the firm. They show how the embeddedness of firms in the larger societal context of nations impacts on their ability to adjust to the current forms of international competition. The key theoretical approach highlighted in this book is the concept of a "business system" as defined by Richard Whitley and his associates. This book begins with an elaboration of this approach in a paper by Richard Whitley. The remaining papers critically assess this approach, both theoretically and empirically.


Business in Development - Gurli Jakobsen and Jens Erik Torp An Introduction Developing Capitalisms - Richard Whitley The Comparative Analysis of Emerging Business Systems in the South Business Systems in India - Mark Holstr[um]om The Institutional Embeddedness of Inter-Firm Relations in Indonesia - Martijn F L Rademakers and Jos R Van Valkengoed Business Systems and Sector Dynamics - Peter Wad The Case of the Malaysian Auto Industry Technology Management in the Korean Electronics Industry - Dieter Ernst What Factors Explain the Dynamics of Change? Institutional Context of Ghanaian and Cross-National Inter-Firm Relations - Olav Jull S[sl]orensen and John Kuada Firms in the South - Henrik Schaumburg-M[um]uller Interactions Between National Business Systems and the Global Economy

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