Managing mental health problems : a practical guide for primary care


    • Kates, Nick
    • Craven, Marilyn


Managing mental health problems : a practical guide for primary care

by Nick Kates and Marilyn Craven

Hogrefe & Huber, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [361]-369) and index



This down-to-earth handbook is designed to help primary care physicians, family medicine residents and nurse practitioners increase their skill in the assessment and management of a wide range of common psychiatric and mental health problems. The authors emphasize effective, time-saving strategies for the busy clinician, and include numerous interviewing and management tips as well as advice on involving families, utilizing community resources, and making appropriate referrals. While designed for physicians, the material is also accessible to a broad range of social workers, crisis counsellors and psychologists who need to cost-effectively assess and manage new clients. The authors have worked together for over ten years in this field - assisting primary care clinicians to deal with the mental health dimensions of their patients.


  • Interviewing techniques in primary care
  • assessing a mental health problem
  • principles of management
  • assessment of a family problem
  • using community resources and mental health services
  • the patient in distress
  • the depressed patient
  • the anxious patient
  • the grieving patient
  • the psychotic patient
  • management of the patient with schizophrenia
  • managing the patient with a bipolar affective disorder
  • medical problems with an emotional component
  • sleep problems
  • mental health problems in an older patient
  • alcohol-related problems
  • the patient who has been abused
  • managing sexual problems.

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