Economic and political impediments to Middle East peace : critical questions and alternative scenarios


Economic and political impediments to Middle East peace : critical questions and alternative scenarios

edited by J. W. Wright, Jr. and Laura Drake ; foreword by Queen Noor of Jordan

(International political economy series)

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 2000

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The Middle East peace process has gone through various stages of development, but has been impaired at each step by an inability to overcome economic problems in the region. This book both chronicles this process and offers critical insights into the factors that impede progress toward regional peace. The volume, with a foreword by Queen Noor of Jordan, includes contributions from thirteen specialists who hold senior positions at universities, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union.

: uk ISBN 9780333678992


The accords and protocols that underlie the Arab and Israeli peace agreements set into place economic policies and political processes so flawed that they are bound to fail. The chapters in this volume look at the diplomatic and historical precedents that have led to this situation and they debate - some cynically and some sympathetically - the reasons why the institutional structures and trade regimes the process has created are so weak. But for whatever reason, the structural flaws built into the Middle East peace process are not only biased toward the dominant players but against the people who most want peace.


  • List of Tables List of Illustrations Acknowledgements List of Acronyms Notes on the Contributors Foreword
  • Queen Noor of Jordan Introduction: Economic Impediments to Middle East Peace
  • J.W.Wright, Jr Implementing Netanyahu's Political and Economic Programme: What are Israel's Strategic Objectives for the Current Historical Phase?
  • L.Drake What are the Prospects for Modernising the Middle East Economies?
  • M.Field The Arab-Israeli Process: Can the Region Benefit from the Economics of Globalisation?
  • E.C.Murphy Is MENA a Region? The Scope for Regional Integration
  • M.A.El-Erian & S.Fischer Will an Arab-Israeli Peace Bring a Trade Divided?
  • E.H.Tuma The Budgetary Consequences of Middle East Peace: What are the Economic Impacts and Causal Linkages?
  • R.E.Looney Would Islamic Banks Help Lessen the Decline of Palestinian Banking?
  • J.W.Wright, Jr Will the Arab-Israeli Peace Process Generate Increased Portfolio Investment in the Middle East?
  • R.Wilson The Middle East Peace Process: How is it Affecting Planning in the Cities and Regions of Jordan?
  • P.L.Doan External Assistance to the Palestinian Economy: What Went Wrong?
  • B.Balaj, I.Diwan & B.Philippe The (very) Political Economy of the West Bank and Gaza: What Lessons Should We Learn About Peace-building and Development Assistance?
  • R.Brynen Civil Society Organisations in the Middle East: Can They Facilitate Socio-economic Development During a Time of Transition?
  • P.Gubser From Front State to Backyard? Syria and the Risks of Regional Peace
  • V.Perthes Epilogue
  • W.Stoltzfus Bibliography Index

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