Principles and practice of chiropractic


Principles and practice of chiropractic

edited by Scott Haldeman

Appleton & Lange, c1992

2nd ed


Modern developments in the principles and practice of chiropractic

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Rev. ed. of: Modern developments in the principles and practice of chiropractic. c1980

Includes bibliographical references and index



This work has been revised and updated to reflect current standards of chiropractic knowledge and teaching. Divided into four sections, the book covers the history and philosophy of the subject, physiology and biomechanics, examination of the spine and chiropractic treatment.


  • Part 1 History, philosophy and sociology: spinal manipulation before chiropractic
  • medical and social protest as part of hidden American history
  • origin and development of traditional chiropractic philosophy
  • contemporary chiropractic philosophy
  • the sociology of chiropractic
  • future options and directions. Part 2 Physiology and biomechanical principles: spinal anatomy - the relationship of structures
  • physiology of nerve compression
  • spinal reflex physiology
  • clinical investigations of the reflex function
  • systemic effects of spinal lesions
  • biomechanics of the cervical spine
  • biomechanics of the lumbar spine
  • the neurophysiology of spinal pain
  • pathophysiology of the intervertebral disc
  • the pathophysiology of zygapophyseal joints
  • pathophysiology of the sacroiliac joint
  • interaction of spinal biomechanics and physiologyl. Part 3 Spinal analysis and diagnostic methods: the history and physical examination
  • manual examination of the spine
  • the use of instrumentation and laboratory examination procedures by the chiropractic spinal X-rays
  • advanced imaging modalities
  • spinal imaging and spinal biomechanics. Part 4 Chiropractic care: effectiveness of spinal manipulation and adjustements
  • basic principles in the performance of chiropractic adjusting - historical review, classification and objectives
  • the high-velocity thrust adjustment diversified technique traction an distraction techiques soft tissue and non-force techniques
  • spinal rehabilitation
  • musculoskeletal complications
  • cerebrovascular complications of manipulation.

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