A question of silence? : the sexual economies of modern India


A question of silence? : the sexual economies of modern India

edited by Mary E. John and Janaki Nair

Kali for Women, 1998

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"All the papers in this collection, except the introduction, were presented at the XXVI Interdisciplinary Research Methodology Workshop at the Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, 1-3 August 1996"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Has there been a "conspiracy of silence" regarding sexuality in India, be it within social movements or as a focus of scholarship? This study analyzes this assumption in order to thematize a crucial field. Prefaced by a detailed introductory overview, the essays use diverse perspectives to develop an understanding of the institutions, practices and forms of representation of sexual relations and their boundaries of legitimacy. From unravelling the "Kamasutra" (the text) to investigating Kamasutra (the condom), the volume includes essays on how sexuality has been framed by the law, within social movements, or has been the site for patrolled caste, ethnic or gender identities. Other essays analyze cinematic, televisual and literary representations of sexuality.

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