Nasal and sinus surgery


    • Marks, Steven C.


Nasal and sinus surgery

Steven C. Marks

W.B. Saunders, c2001

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"Nasal and Sinus Surgery" is a single author, comprehensive textbook covering the field of rhinology. The books detailed discussion and explanations of all relevant surgical procedures is intended as both a field reference for practitioners, residents and allied health professionals interested in rhinology, as well as an instructional textbook. Five main sections cover basic science, procedures for inflammatory diseases, facial plastic and reconstructive procedures, procedures for tumors, and miscellaneous procedures. The basic science section covers the background information important to all rhinologic surgoens. In the subsequent sections that makes up the bulk of the book, all of these surgical procedures are covered in depth in individual chapters listing indications, pre-operative care, techniques, post-operative care, and complications. The emphasis is not only on the techniques used in surgery, but how to manage the surgical patient and when to operate.


I. General Anatomy of the nose and sinuses Nasal and sinus physiology Radiologic evaluation Diagnostic evaluation/Endoscopy Medical therapy of sinusitis Diagnosis and management of nasal allergy II. Surgery for Inflammatory Conditions Inferior turbinate procedures Endoscopic sinus surgery basic technique Spenoethmoidectomy Maxillary sinus surgery Frontal sinus surgery III. Plastic Reconstructive Septoplasty Rhinoplasty Nasal reconstruction Trauma IV. Tumor Approaches to nasal and sinus tumors Maxillectomy partial and radical Craniofacial resection Pituitary surgery Endoscopic tumor surgery V. Special Procedures CSF leaks Orbital surgery Epistaxis

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