Assessing trainer effectiveness


Assessing trainer effectiveness

Leslie Rae

Gower Pub., [1991]

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 213) and index



What is an effective trainer? What skills does he or she require? What are the appropriate training skills for my own organization? How can I assess - and improve them? These questions, and many others, are addressed in Leslie Rae's new guide to evaluating trainer performance. The book deals with every aspect of the trainer's role and includes dozens of ready to use checklists, questionnaires and inventories. Trainers themselves will welcome it as a framework for self-assessment, training managers as a basis for appraising their staff, and other senior managers as a way of evaluating the contribution of their training specialists. The book is designed as a companion volume to the author's "How to Measure Training Effectiveness".


  • The role of the trainer
  • trainer requirements
  • the skills of the effective trainer
  • trainer functions
  • identifying trainer types
  • the uses of training validation
  • training validation at work
  • ongoing assessment
  • end of course questionnaires
  • practical steps in trainer assessment
  • trainer assessment in action
  • trainer assessment inventories
  • costs and plans
  • appendices
  • trainer assessment guide
  • guidance for use
  • lecture sessions
  • activity control
  • practical demonstrations
  • lecture, discussion leading and activity control sessions
  • assessment of trainer by trainees.

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